Hex Bids Farewell to Pinkhaus

Hex by Sofia Dell’Aquila Tucked behind the lavish homes of Golden Hills sits Pinkhaus, a backyard garage-turned-DIY venue that has served the San Diego community for years. Upon announcing their imminent closing, Pinkhaus hosted a mini-festival to celebrate the local bands that have kept them running.  Hex emerged in the scene in 2018 with their […]

Private Island’s Electric Whisper

Once again Private Island found themselves gracing San Diego’s House of Blues. Musical acts Mating Ritual and Creature Canyon joined them. On Saturday, Nov. 11 the band came out onto the shared space to an antsy crowd. Instantly, the room was filled with beachy vibes as the band started their performance. As a surprise to […]

Now Listening: TV Girl

Hey guys! If you’re reading this, you’ve somehow ended up on KCR’s blog. So welcome to another week of Now Listening! I hope you all had a groovy Spring Break, I’m sad that it’s over, but I’m also stoked to be back blogging. Today we’re going to discuss what is the wonder of TV Girl. […]