Mackie Dre’s Submissions Highlights: The Ten Thousand

The Ten Thousand – Beg for Mercy

The Ten Thousand – Low Level Hum

The Ten Thousand

This one’s a little late, but well worth it: The Ten Thousand.

If you’ve been listening for a while, you know that we’re no stranger to this band, but they just released a new EP called Nausea and it’s pretty awesome.

While the whole EP plays with different genres, my personal favorites are “Beg for Mercy” and “Low Level Hum.” “Beg” reminds me personally of Beatles vocals and piano work, while also making me quite sad. It’s a gorgeous song and I definitely recommends it. “Low Level Hum” is more upbeat and offers a lengthy musical playground and Rock guitar riffs. The vocals are reminiscent of White Stripes garage sound, and the lyrics are sing worthy.

In terms of the other songs, “What’s Wrong With David?” begins with gospel-y pianos and erupts into rock and roll guitar and vocals, eventually intruding with a distorted organ sound that’s just fantastic. “Leave Home” is a bit more mellow than “What’s Wrong” and “Low Level,” but I love it no less. I particularly enjoy the way the group sings “change” and hope you’ll check it out below in the links.

Did I mention you can get the EP for free here? Check out their website and throws some likes at their wall, for me?

You know what’s coming. Here are my songs from last week that deserve many of the repeats.

10 March Highlights

The Precious Lo’s – More Than Friends (feat. Maylee Todd)

Daily Grind – From the Ground Up

Bonnie and the Bang Bang – Car Crash

Mackie Dre’s Submissions Highlights: NOHC

NOHC – Fly



In the past few years, the popularity of EDM has exploded.

Now, I don’t pretend to know anything about the genre, as I’ve just dipped my pinky toe into it, but before David Guetta started making Top 40 charts I didn’t even bother leaving my indie rock world (and I sure missed out).

Since I started looking around, I’ve noticed that EDM has a history and plenty of variety. House and Dance have a way of pumping your blood, appealing to whatever part of our brain deeply enjoys rhythm and beat, without all the troubling melodrama of lyrics. It’s almost like pure feeling.

This brings me to this week’s submissions highlight, NOHC.

As you may know, my favorite question to ask bands is how they decided on a name. NOHC pulled their name from the chemical formula for adrenaline, which is about as nerdy and wonderful as it gets for this college kid.¬†The New Jersey “EDM trio” is comprised of Brandon Zemel, Chris Vuoncino, and Suzanne Criscione and their single, “Fly” deserves your attention.

What starts off as a pop ballad, pulling at your need to “let go” and “feel the wind in [your] hair” [insert¬†Frozen reference], hits the chorus and quickly becomes a ballsy beat that is truly as freeing as “how it feels to fly.” You can grab the track for free on their soundcloud [highly recommend] and show your support by liking their Facebook page, where you can learn all about their touring dates and when they drop new songs. They will be at SXSW on March 11th, so if you’re going, make sure to stop by and check them out.

Here are a few more songs from this week, which, as you know, deserve all the repeats.

22 February Highlights

Jack Berry – Reno

Richard Tyler Epperson – Hourglass

Fiction 20 Down – Down Like Hip-Hop

Mackie Dre’s Submissions Highlights: Max and the Chosen Few


Max and The Chosen Few – Don’t Take Me Back


Let’s talk about Europe.

More specifically, let’s talk about the fact that Europe is sending us at KCR some fantastic music. If you wanted to, you could head on over to my page and listen to some sweet tunes, one of which happens to be by a group named Killerball based in Stockholm. This past summer, they released a new video, which I would also recommend, but my love for them is vast and well-known. Therefore, I give you my new love, Max and the Chosen Few.

They define themselves as “young striving musicians ready for a spot light” and if it were up to me, I’d give it to them. This lovely group draws influences from the likes of Billy Joel and Jeff Buckley, and it shows; their songs tell stories and their style drifts wonderfully between eighties jam and acoustic coffeehouse (and I can’t help but listen over and over). Scroll on to check out the official video for “No More Bad Days” and make sure to give it some love.

Don’t be scared by all the German on Buskohl’s Facebook page, just move your shy little cursor over to that listen tab and enjoy. Yesterday, these guys headlined my show on KCR’s Aztec Underground and if you’re interested in what we think is the best of the Submissions Cornucopia over here at KCR, take a listen every Friday from 1-2pm.

Here are a few other songs that deserve all the repeats from this week.

15 February Highlights

Ken Camino – Red (Beat by LA Chase)

The Lost Astronots – Happy Place

CharlieRED – Could Be

No More Bad Days