During the summer I spent my time watching “Silicon Valley” and I’ve been thinking, “Why don’t more people know about this show?” I am now making it my duty to spread the word about one of the funniest comedies on television today.

“Silicon Valley” is about Richard Hendricks and his group of friends who try to develop his app called Pied Piper. For four seasons the team has faced a number of difficult obstacles that hinder them from creating a successful app. The show is also full of characters that almost anyone can relate to. Richard Hendricks, the creator of Pied Piper, is the main character who’s nervous and awkward but insanely smart and strong-willed when it comes to his company. His friends and employees Dinesh, Gilfoyle, Jared and Erlich bring the fun, light-hearted comedy that gives the show its charm.

“Silicon Valley” possesses a type of comedy many may consider inappropriate, almost juvenile. However, it is always refreshing to watch a show whose jokes land 100% of the time and are improvised by the brilliant actors. Their most memorable joke (not appropriate to be repeated on this blog) was completely ad-libbed. While the scene ran for four minutes, no one broke character, no one laughed and it was astounding. In interviews the actors admitted they recorded this particular scene in one-take. They even considered it the funniest bit they had ever done.

My favorite character is Jared Dunn who is played by Zach Woods. Some may know his familiar face as Gabe Lewis from the popular tv show “The Office.” Jared Dunn doesn’t fulfill that “funny guy” trope. He’s awkward and introverted but his personality and sharp one-liners make him hilarious.

All in all, this show is one of the funniest shows on tv. “Silicon Valley” has won many awards including Critic’s Choice Awards and Emmy’s. Praised by critics and viewers alike since its premiere, it is one of the few shows that hasn’t fallen in quality after its third season. Be sure to tune in to HBO on February 17th to witness the comedy genius that is “Silicon Valley.”