Scouting the NHL Playoff Picture

As a Bruins fan, I’m sort of hoping that there’s a Bruins/Blackhawks Stanley Cup final that we win to get back at the Blackhawks for last year.

Now that that’s out of the way…

The Blackhawks have been playing…not their best hockey this year.  Which, by the way, may be due to a trend I’ve noticed where teams (read:  the San Francisco Giants) make the playoffs and then do horribly the next season.  But anyway…due to the fact that the Blackhawks haven’t been doing their best, I don’t think, should there be a Bruins-Blackhawks SCF, the Bruins would have any problem defeating them.  The Blackhawks have lost to some mediocre teams this year, Nashville being one of them.  Could we be seeing a return to the 90s Blackhawks?  Whatever the case, these playoffs look to be good ones.  And the Kings just clinched tonight!

Liz Alper

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