Kicking off their West Coast mini tour, Hello Mary and Rocket took the stage at the Voodoo Room at House of Blues for an awesome night of melodic and explosive music. Both prominent names in the blossoming shoegaze renaissance, the bands were joined by San Diego shoegaze staple, Sparkler, who opened first. To see more check out @civilunrest.kcr on instagram.

Sparkler is a band I have been meaning to check out for a while, so I was very excited upon learning of their addition as an opener. To say their performance left a good first impression would be an understatement. If I were listening blind, and you told me it was My Bloody Valentine on the stage I wouldn’t have been surprised. The droning melodies combined with a sound loud enough to feel it in your bones, Sparkler filled the VooDoo Room with a wall of sound that was unlike any I have heard before. While their recorded songs sound just as good, I would recommend seeing them live to fully appreciate the beauty of their music.

Sparkler’s huge sound sent sonic booms through the walls of the venue

Following Sparkler, and one of my favorites as of lately was Rocket. Rocket is one of the many great underground bands coming out of Los Angeles and sparking the resurgence of the shoegaze scene. After seeing performances of songs like “Pipe Dream”, “Normal To Me”, and “On Your Heels”, it’s quite easy to believe the hype. I am actually surprised they aren’t more well known than they are, but I’m very confident that will change in the future. The band currently has one album released, Versions of You, and I’ll be eagerly waiting for more music and shows from them. 

Alithea Tuttle of Rocket

Last to take the stage was the trio from New York, Hello Mary. Like Sparkler, this was my first real introduction to this group and I was not let down. Songs like “Sink In” and “Evicted” were favorites of the crowd, and me as well. Their uber mysterious stage presence also struck home with me as it matched up nicely with the music. There is something about their music that always demands your attention, and I would highly recommend checking them out. 

Helena Straight of Hello Mary

All Photos by Jayden Jackson (2024)