Low Tides by Acito is one of the most impactful projects to drop from a Northern Californian artist last year. I first heard of Acito on a menacing collaborative track titled 20916 featuring Sacramento’s Truly Goonie. The storytelling ability of the two illuminates the reality of violence and the need for survival in their respective cities, Stockton’s 209 and Goonie’s 916. The unique Northern Cali rap style evokes an ominous tone to accompany the raw, introspective lyrics that reveal the truth of being in the mix. 

Low Tides carries on this inner revelation because as Acito grows in success, there is an increase in those who wish to take away those earned accomplishments. However, Acito is not naive to this direct negativity because of his upbringing. The conditions of street violence and the reality of losing those he cherishes have prepared him to advance his music career in the face of inevitable hate. In the song “Low Tides,” he spits knowledge to those who look to him for motivation, teaching focus on the grind, not chasing the wrong things, staying authentic, and not waiver in your dream because anything is possible. This piece is highly motivational for himself and anyone passionate about something more significant than the mundanity of “regular” life. Each song carries a different atmosphere to help the overall composition of this piece, like “Do I,” which is relaxed yet still inspirational. Unlike “Put Me On,” which is bass-heavy, fast-paced, and combative. None of the songs on this EP are skippable; Acito directly addresses the change in his environment and how people treat him. Regardless of that change, he remains true to himself and his purpose as a father and a leader. 

The entire project dives into how success is built by one’s patience, determination, and faith in those who reciprocate the love shown to them. Low Tides was dropped alongside a high-energy, feature-heavy EP titled High Tides. Acito delivers his message of persistence, patience, and resilience on both projects. I recommend you dive into these works and reflect on your dedication to work.

Memorable Lines:

  • “Honesty above a lot, don’t you front about it” – Letter 2 Avana
  • “Don’t tolerate no snake sh*t; you gotta pay attention. ‘Cause they gonna smile in your face and you might think they meant it …” – Letter 2 Avana
  • “I rather celebrate the vic, but I can take a loss. 
  • How you scared to take a risk but want to be a boss” – Do I
  • “A solid circle got me winning. You can’t be around us” – Do I 
  • “Couldn’t see my own potential, now them n*ggas fear me” – Put Me On 
  • “Out the way, staying focused, tryna mind mine” – Put Me On
  • “I want the Benz, but I can wait, so I’ma hustle harder. I’m all in, without a doubt, so I’ve been working smarter. It’s hard to tell what really drives you, I ain’t talking Chargers” – Against the Odds Easter Eggs
  • “Love those who love you but don’t never let it f*ck up your vision” – Mac Dre (Life’s A Bitch) [Low Tides]
  • “I have no fear. I have only ambition. And I want mine. I will do anything to feed and protect my family. These n*ggas represent a threat. And I work too hard on this” – Tupac Shakur [Hold It Down]
  • “Fredo, you’re my older brother, and I love you. But don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again. Ever.” – Michael Corleone (The Godfather 1972) [Full of Pressure]

Photos from Spotify