Local Bands Unleashed: October 21st show

Local Bands Unleashed kicked off its show with brand new intro music composed by local metal band Procyon.  A very special thank you to Ugh and Jessie for giving me permission to use their new song as intro music for the show.  This week I chose to take the show in a  more mellow direction than the previous weeks All Metal Hour show.

The show kicked off with The Lyrical Groove.  The Lyrical Groove is a spoken word, jazz influenced, hip-hop at the heart, gospel soul infused band that bridges all of the above with meaningful lyrics along side a dynamic performance.  Ultimately, the best way to describe their artistry is Soul Music.  The band formed under the motivation of spoken word artist, Kendrick Dial, to have live music accompany his poetry.  The group officially formed in November of 2010 after a gig at the Ruby Room when an overwhelming crowd response cemented in their minds what their hearts were warming up to.  The Lyrical Groove won Best Hip-Hop album at The San Diego Music Awards a few weeks ago.  The songs I played were Ode to Outkast, Eryka Hill, and Wake Up.  Click here to access The Lyrical Groove’s Facebook page to keep up with everything they have going on.

Next was solo artist Nick Crook.  Nick Crook likes to get down and boogie hard!  He’s a singer/songwriter from Texas who moved to San Diego in 2013 to chase after a dream of a music career.  His music is bluesy, soul influenced and folky at times.  He’s a good ol’ Southern boy trying to make good in the music industry.  The tracks I played were Way It’s Gotta Be, Wanted You To Know, and Southern Boy.  Nick Crook is always keeping busy playing around San Diego so to keep up with him go to his website here.

I’ve been a huge fan of the next band I played pretty much the entire 7 years I’ve lived in San Diego.  Lexington Field is an American Fiddle Rock band from San Diego that formed in 2009.  They have played hundreds of shows including two national tours.  Lexington Field blends rock, punk, and Americana with a fiddle in the epicenter to capture a unique and memorable sound.  Take that originality along with their high-energy live show and Lexington Field gives you an awesome musical experience.  They just announced that they will be going back into the studio in January 2015 to record their new album.  Lexington Field posts all of their upcoming shows and events on their website here.

The show started to come to a close with Sir Splendid, a U.S./British hybrid band.  Half the band are from the U.S. and the other half is from the UK.  Sir Splendid is currently putting the finishing touches on their new compositions they have been recording.  Mash Potato Sunday and Hardcore Carnivore were the songs that I played from them.  One of the members of Sir Splendid Dave Pressly has a solo project he works on as well.  It’s true drum and bass that the listener can easily get lost in.  Check It closed out this installment of Local Bands Unleashed.


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