Flying Lotus brought his psychedelic beats to San Diego just in time for Halloween. The wild beat veteran didn’t just decide to do a regular ol’ tour, though. Instead of just going city to city playing his music, FlyLo decided to up the ante by adding 3D visuals.

FlyLo has been known to have crazy stage setups to create a visual performance along with the music for audiences. Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that he would include this extra element of experience for his current tour.

Now, the big question in my mind heading into the show was how exactly was he going to achieve 3D for the audience.

This question was answered immediately as I entered the venue and was handed a pair of custom 3D glasses for the FlyLo tour. Opening for FlyLo was a DJ named Pbdy, pronounced pea-body. He played a variety of unpredictable and off the wall electronic music, something one would expect to precede an act like Flying Lotus.

After about 45 minutes of the opener, the man himself came out with an infectious smile for the restless crowd. We were told to put on our 3D glasses, and then our journey began. What was once a flat LED screen turned into a portal to another dimension. Floating heads, bizarre patterns and endless grids flew around and past FlyLo as he performed his set. Rather than using a playlist of his own songs, he played more of a DJ set of his own tracks mixed with others. At one point, he even switched to his alter ego rap artist Captain Murphy and performed a few of those songs live.

The 3D was mesmerizing, and FlyLo’s charisma kept the audience excited and lively. There did seem to be some audio issues at certain times throughout the set, which was a bit disappointing as the tracks being played at the time lost some of their chutzpah. However, it was still a fun show, and it was cool to see the creativity implemented with the 3D visuals. Even if you left dissatisfied with the show, at least you left with a free pair of 3D glasses.