Sept. 25th was the first Farmers’ Market Turn Up of the Fall Semester! If you missed it don’t stress, we will literally be there every Thursday 12-1pm from now until eternity.

This week our very own Siena Riley performed live. Again, don’t stress if you weren’t there. The internet has you covered.

If you like her style, catch her radio show Feed Your Head Wednesdays from 4-5pm. Listen online right here, on the TuneIn Radio app or from your TV set. She’s also playing at the Che Cafe on October 11th along with fellow KCR DJ Joey Bautista and his band Salad Bar Slytherin. KCR pride. Remember us when you’re famous.


Shouts out to all you folks who stopped by to get the secret hashtag for the Life is Beautiful Festival giveaway! If you haven’t already, Instagram your reason that life is beautiful with the tags #kcr #kcrlibgiveaway #lifeisbeautiful and you will be entered to win.