Energy. The one word needed to describe the show put on at the Observatory in North Park this past Wednesday the 25th by Citizen and their openers, Cryogeyser, Modern Color, and Narrow Head. 

The first act to take the stage was Cryogeyser at 7:30. Slow melodic riffs accompanied by the dissonant vocals and rhythm guitar of frontwoman Shawn Marom filled the venue. Don’t be mistaken by the dreary sound—Cryogeyser rocks just as hard and loud as anyone. They set the mood for the night perfectly with an echoing sound that left you wanting more. I am excited for what the future holds for the LA based group.

Next up on stage was another one of California’s own, Modern Color. While looks can be deceiving, there was not anything deceptive about the way lead guitarist Chad Leaf and the rest of the band played. The nerdy appearance caught my attention and the cranked sound had me hooked. ”Fortress”, their newest release, had the crowd jumping in a frenzy which was only a sneak peak into what the rest of the night would hold. There is something beautiful in chaos, and you can see that in the way the 4-piece performed. 

After an electric performance by Modern Color, Narrow Head picked up right where the previous band had finished. By this point, the energy in the crowd was so intense you could feel it. The pure emotion and power of this band was on full display, performing songs like “Caroline”, “Sunday”, and “Gearhead”. Frontman and guitarist Jacob Duarte performed with a way of controlled chaos, and the crowd fed off it. With crowd surfers floating all around the venue Narrow Head had me in a total trance. Ryan Chavez’s frenzied bass playing only added to the intensity. Narrowhead was heavy, passionate and performed with such fire it felt like I could not take my eyes off them.

At 10 o’clock, the main act Citizen took the stage. Led by the piercing vocals of frontman Matt Kerekes and the fierce guitar playing of Nick Hamm, who I also got the chance to interview before the show (also available on, had the crowd bouncing off the walls. Narrow Head’s performance set the bar high, and Citizen had no problem matching and exceeding. Fans were treated to an amazing setlist of songs that primarily were from their debut studio album, ”Youth” and their latest release, “Calling The Dogs”. Between the sea of crowd surfing and the mesmerizing music being played, Citizen had us all barking and howling for more, figuratively AND literally. 

All Photos by Jayden Jackson