Artist Spotlight: Kaskade

Whether you’ve been listening to EDM for your whole life or if you’re just stepping in to this magical realm of music; Kaskade is a DJ for everyone. His soothing trance melodies and progressive house beats are sure to please any music lover. The messages he portrays in his songs are so positive and uplifting that people of all ages would enjoy the music he makes. He loves to promote love and kindness, which is getting pretty rare in today’s music so it’s definitely very important to appreciate what we have left of it. It’s You, It’s Me is one of his earlier songs that really captures the essence of Kaskade and everything he stands for.

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Kaskade’s songs made me fall in love with electronic music and the community around it. There is a certain mindset that people have at these festivals and events that create a beautiful and caring environment. You can be dancing to your favorite song and someone will notice how you know all the lyrics and ask if you want a better view on their shoulders. You can be dying of heat in the sweaty crowd and a stranger will notice and offer you a sip of water. Everyone actually wants to help everyone have a great time. In such a selfish world, how can you see this happening and not want to be a part of it? It baffles me every single time at how friendly and loving people are at these events. Kaskade recognizes this phenomenon and continues to make music that emanates these beautiful messages.

His songs do often have a huge impact on his fans and it’s not uncommon to see tattoos of his lyrics. I have noticed one song in particular, Room For Happiness with Skylar Grey released in 2012. “Don’t be fooled by your emptiness, there’s so much more room for happiness.” This was actually the very first Kaskade song I ever listened to; I was in love with it the instant I heard it.

Don’t just take my word for it, go Google his name or search his songs and decide for yourself! Oh, and did I mention he’s a 44 year old Mormon? Yes, one of the top American DJs of our time is a married Mormon. This just helps aid the world into realizing that EDM and the PLUR (Peace Love Unity and Respect) movement isn’t connected to the drug-crazed teens looking for a thrill. Most often the people that actually promote this movement aren’t teenagers, I’ve noticed through my experience that they are mostly in their twenties or thirties. This community is real and important and deserves more DJs like Kaskade who promote their values and ideals.

Check out his recently released remix The This This, it’s been on repeat for days. Thanks for reading and don’t stop dancing!

xoxo DJ Walsh

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A State Of Rave: What We’re All About

The Scene:

Welcome fellow ravers and music lovers of all types! A State of Rave is a radio show that we have created specifically for the newest EDM of today. EDM, or electronic dance music, is often criticized and misunderstood in society, which has earned it a bad reputation in the public eye. It is often put down because of false accusations of ‘talentless’ DJs getting famous from just a computer and for its connection to a drug scene.

We are here to prove these misconceptions wrong and reveal to the world why it still continues to grow and prosper. We want to show the positive ideals and experiences that come from this music and encourage others to make these amazing memories as well. Our one-hour show (Mondays at 9pm) will consist of all types of EDM from trance, dance and house to trap, techno and hardstyle. We find our music by surfing various music blogs and websites such as and our love for the scene keeps us in the loop.

Your Hosts:

DJ Walsh: A Journalism and Media Studies major and Marketing minor hoping to incorporate her passion for music and writing into a career in the music or media industry.

DJ Shayna: A second year Journalism major with a huge passion for music, entertainment gossip, and sports. Attending concerts and music festivals (especially with her co-host DJ Walsh) are her favorite activities. She hopes to find a career that includes all of her interests, hopefully in the entertainment field.

Our Experience:

We have attended a wide variety of music festivals from resting on the Indio fields as we listen to the subtle beats of the Sahara tent at Coachella to raging until 4am at OMFG NYE in San Diego. We take pride in the music scene and urge to share it with as many people that will listen. We believe there is a certain magic and wonder to these events that just begs to be heard and felt. We want to constantly radiate the passion and positivity that accompanies this scene. We seek to forever be in a State of Rave.

Here’s a mix to start off, by one of our newest obsessions Gorgon City.

Don’t stop dancing! – xoxo DJ Walsh


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