Hey everybody! It’s been a few weeks, but I’m back in action and ready to rant about some  new music. This week it’s all about The Struts and their fantastic new album.

The Struts debut studio album, Everybody Wants, came out last month.  Although I could do with a different album cover than the one up on Spotify (I feel like the half naked girl thing’s been done enough), there’s nothing I’d change about the music. It’s a fantastic debut for a fantastic band.

The English rock band has a Queen-esque vibe thanks to lead singer Luke Speller’s glam rock flair. His powerful vocals ring through the album.

The front-man has been compared to the likes of Freddie Mercury, David Bowie and Mick Jagger. His black eyeliner, shaggy hair, and extreme showmanship feels both refreshing and reminiscent.

Chocked full of big rock ballads, there really are no slow songs on the album. It’s 13 tracks of high energy rock and roll.

Some of the highlights include Roll Up, Put Your Money on Me and Young Stars. The album also features Could Have Been Me, the single that originally rocketed the band to fame.

The album feels like the grungy side of Hollywood. The songs reflect the album title. They are full of passion, longing and triumph. Speller seems to bare his soul.

The Struts stopped by San Diego last week if you were lucky enough to catch them. They’re now making their way through the Midwest promoting their album. Here’s to hoping they make their way back to San Diego soon and bring more great music with them.

I give Everybody Wants 4.5/5. I can’t wait to hear what the Struts come up with next.