Local Music Faves

Most people discover music through Youtube or Pandora, but I’m here to tell you that great music can be discovered right under our noses, right here in southern Cali. It’s quite gratifying to go to a local show and realize that woah, you actually really like the music being played. Then, you’re at home, on their Facebook page, trying to figure out what song you fell in love with. Let me make it easy for you. Below are my favorite songs from bands that are from SoCal.

Alone Today – Neutral Shirt

A band that just toured across the country, Neutral Shirt got its roots from right here in San Diego. Initially getting their start playing at the Che Cafe, the band has maintained their lo-fi sound — applying their focus on the lyrics. Having an alternative sound, Neutral Shirt’s song Alone Today is perfect for lying in bed staring at the ceiling (which is precisely what I did last night).

I Work For The City – Mandarin Dynasty

Mandarin Dynasty is a band that originally got its foot into the music world by playing shows around San Diego. With it’s high-quality production, the album Perpendicular Crosstalk includes 11 songs that are all equally beautiful. It involves beautiful harmonies, a couple weird (a good type of weird) instruments, and thoughtful and poetic lyrics.

Carey finds herself (with a new fascination) – California’s Bellow

With catchy lyrics, bass-riffs, and beats, California’s Bellow is a Los Angeles based singer. All the songs and lyrics created are credited to Ben Levinson, the main singer and producer.  His music mainly features two fictional(?) characters by the names of Harri and Carey. The song “Carey finds herself” offers ~cool~ synth noises and a bass-riff that you won’t be able to get out of your head!

Condensate – T.Rexico

T.Rexico is a band based out of San Diego (more specifically, Chula Vista). The band includes 3 young pups who are seriously still in high school. Their music involves a heavily reverb-ed guitar and a surf-punk/rock sound. The difference between T.Rexico and the many other surf-punk bands in San Diego is that they have such high skill levels in the individual instruments that they play. They mostly play here in San Diego, so keep an eye out for them! Their live shows are always awesome.

Yuri Yuri Flex (ft. Mangaboy Jun) – Digi-Gurl

For those who are into hip hop, I suggest taking a listen to Digi-Gurl. Also a pretty young pup, his music suggests absolutely nothing about his age. His music radiates a new level of “coolness” that is definitely hard to have. If you’re looking for some fun tracks to blast in your car with your friends, his music is p e r f e c t for it.

That’s all I have for now! Tune in to my music show today at 11 pm!

Ashley Bajet, signing out.


The Ultimate Lifting List

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year…midterms! Sike. It’s a miserable, dreary time. Long nights of studying and binge eating weird foods because you don’t have time to grocery shop (Not speaking out of personal experience or anything…). Anyways, everyone has their form of stress relief, whether it be watching Netflix or venting to a close friend. My stress relief drug of choice is hitting the gym. No gym trip is complete without a pair of headphones on full volume.

This playlist is 58 minutes in length, the maximum time that my lifting workouts ever last. Whatever workout regimen you follow, it’s always good to have some motivating music on in the background.

  1. A** Back Home- Secrets

This is a screamo remake of a Gym Class Heroes Song. It may surprise you how much a little bit of screaming can pump you up. This is the perfect song to start off your workout.

  1. Tom Ford- Jay-Z
  2. No Mediocre- T.I., Iggy Azalea
  3. You See Me- Childish Gambino
  4. Switch Lanes- Tyga, The Game

You may recognize the name Tyga because he has a minor role on a majorly popular reality television show. His talent is minimal, in all aspects, but this song is one of the few good ones.

  1. Headband- B.o.B, 2 Chainz

I am not going to claim that I have the credibility to make this statement, but this is a true hip-hop gold mine of a song.

  1. I Don’t F**k With You- Big Sean, E-40

Aside from being a great song to squat to, “I Don’t F**k With You” is a great study song. I know that sounds strange, but trust me. This song was the sole reason I got through finals freshman year.

  1. Otis- Jay Z, Kanye West
  2. All Gold Everything- Trinidad James
  3. R.I.P.- Jeezy, 2 Chainz
  4. No Hands- Waka Flocka Flame

This song takes me back to early high school. Pick up those free weights and stare at yourself in the mirror for a second and reflect on that dorky person that you used to be (Again, not talking out of personal experience…). Please don’t be that person that stares too long though.

  1. Gas Pedal- Sage the Gemini
  2. Fancy- Drake

I tend to try and ignore the sexist undertones that are evident in almost every hip hop song, but this one’s a little less sexist and a little more independent women. Although I wouldn’t exactly throw a Drake song in the pile of female empowerment anthems, “Fancy” does make being one of eight girls in the non-cardio part of the gym a little less annoying.

  1. Gold Digger- Kanye West, Jamie Foxx
  2. Ayy Ladies- Travis Porter, Tyga
  3. Lean On- Major Lazer

At the end of your workout it’s always good to slow down the pace a bit to match your plummeting heart rate. “Lean On” does just that, at least in comparison to the other songs on this list.


No matter your form of midterm stress relief, it’s a guarantee that this playlist will at least provide a little escape from the madness.

You can access my Spotify playlist here! IMG_6546See you at the gym! 😉

This Weekend at CRSSD Fest


This weekend I had the opportunity to attend FNGRS CRSSD Fall 2016 CRSSD Festival and it was definitely one for the books. I was stoked to finally experience a local music festival that featured artists I have recently been listening to. CRSSD Fest is a two-day music festival that takes place at Waterfront Park in San Diego, or as I heard in the crowd, “America’s Finest City.” This venue is one of the nicest I have been to. It was spacious, clean and beautiful! If you didn’t know, Waterfront Park has multiple water fountain areas that people are allowed to go into. I had seen them before when I had visited the park but it was awesome seeing how many people danced and chilled in the water throughout the day and night during the festival. The festival had 3 stages; City Steps, The Palms and Ocean View. This years headliners included ZHU, Kaytranada, Thomas Jack and Louis the Child.

Day One: October 1st

When I arrived to Waterfront Park on day one, I got lucky and did not have to wait in line. Once I got through security, I browsed the set schedule that was posted at the entrance and walked around to get a look at all the stages and entire venue. I was incredibly impressed by the amount of food and drink vendors that were there. They were definitely prepared for the number of people that attended the event. Although the lines for food and drinks looked long, they moved fast, which is always good.

After exploring the venue, I found myself at the City Steps stage for Lee K‘s set. I had never heard any of her music, but I automatically loved her set. Her energy encouraged me to stay for the next two sets. After Lee K, I listened to Eagles & Butterflies and FKJ. It was so hard for me to leave the City Steps since I was having so much fun dancing and vibing with the crowd. I had recently heard a song from Sophie on the CRSSD Fest Spotify playlist, so I headed over to The Palms for his set. I will have to say that his set was one of my favorites from the whole weekend. After Sophie, I headed over to the main stage, Ocean View, to catch Louis the Child. I have been waiting months to see them live so I made sure to get as close to the stage as possible. They did not disappoint! I was impressed by their crowd interaction. They were constantly leaving the booth to dance and hype up the crowd.

Once Louis the Child was finished, I was starving so I went to get some food. It was so hard having to decide what to get. There were so many options, but I finally narrowed it down and went to the Japanese Chicken and Noodles booth. It was so delicious that I went back to that booth the next day. After eating, I checked out Trippy Turtle‘s set. A friend had told me to check out his set and I am glad I did. Along with Sophie’s set, Trippy Turtle’s set was amongst my favorites for the weekend. I loved how he remixed older songs with his own twist. I was so happy that I went to his set even though I had never heard his music before. From there, I went back to Ocean View for Cashmere Cat before calling it a night.

Day Two: October 2nd

Unlike my lucky experience on day one, when I arrived to the venue on the second day, I was greeted with a long line to get in. I was surprised at how fast it was moving, so having to wait in it was no issue.  During my time in the line, I met some people from Italy who were attending the festival during the few days they were visiting San Diego. It was cool knowing that the festival didn’t just have local attendees but  international guests as well. Once I got into the festival, I made my way around the venue checking out the stages like I had done the day before. I was waiting for Felix Da Housecat so I went to see Claptone in the time being. I hung out by the water fountains but was still able to hear and see Claptone perfectly. How awesome is that?  

I soon left the water fountains and headed to City Steps to catch Felix Da Housecat. I stayed at City Steps for the next few sets. I caught all of Lee Burridge and part of Maya Jane Coles before I headed to back to the Palms for Thomas Jack and Kaytranada. It is always tough having to decide which artists to see at festivals once set times are released. Luckily, I was able to stay for half of Kaytranada’s amazing set before booking it to ZHU’s set at Ocean View. They were two artists that I was stoked about when I saw the CRSSD lineup, even before I got the opportunity to attend. I was delighted that their set times did not have too much of a time conflict. ZHU closed the festival off on the main stage and he did not disappoint. I had recently discovered his music with the release of his new album Generationwhy. Seeing ZHU as the final performer of the night and festival was like icing on the cake.

See you next year, CRSSD Fest!

Photo courtesy of Daisy Santana

Overall, CRSSD Fest delivered a well-put together festival. From the lineup, food and drinks, CRSSD Fest did not disappoint. I hope that my experiences at my first CRSSD Fest encourage those of age to attend!

Neighborhood Jams: Young Creatures

It’s the end of September this week, so let’s end it on a great note by listening to some great tunes!  You guys ready to hear a combo of Death Cab for Cutie and The Killers? If you said yes, then you are in for a real treat. This week on Neighborhood Jams I am featuring the Los Angeles band Young Creatures.

Young Creatures would be categorized as a psychedelic rock band with a touch of pop – I ain’t complaining. They have been touring since 2012 ever since their first two EPs blessed the ears of L.A. Their first two EPs were titled Young Creatures (2012) and Habitats (2013).  From there they combined their strong lyrics and mellow guitar riffs together in order to debut their first full-length album in September 2014 titled Fear All The Things.


As mentioned earlier, this quartet has been touring all over the West Coast and country.  Some of the venues have included The Echo, Bardot, and The Viper Room.  Even SXSW – that would have been awesome to check these guys out there.

Now, one of the perks of my great job here at KCR College Radio is to hear new music before it is officially released.  And Vinny from Young Creatures shared their newest single Slow with me, which will be released in just a few days – September 30th to be exact! When I heard this song it instantly lifted my spirits.  My mind took me to the beach with the tunes breezing through my hair – it was pretty awesome. I love this song, and I think it is a great first single off of their new album coming in the beginning of 2017.

If you live in San Diego you will be able to groove with these guys on Thursday, September 29th, at The Merrow on University Avenue.  You can purchase your tickets here, and they are only $7 in advance or $10 at the door.  I will definitely be there – and you should, too! Now, if you can’t make it to the show they will be on tour until October 15th visiting cities such as Portland, Denver, and Pheonix.

Let’s all support this great up and coming band by liking their Facebook page – they are SO CLOSE to a thousand likes! Keep you ears open on the 30th for the release of their newest single Slow.  You can check out all their tunes on their Soundcloud and their beautiful website.