Dookie’s 30th Anniversary

Image sourced from Reprise Records Twenty twenty-three marks the 30 year anniversary of the album that thrust a young punk band from Berkeley into national stardom. Say what you want about Green Day, but when it comes to Dookie it should not be considered anything less than a punk rock masterpiece. Now with the recent […]

An Interview with Computerwife

Image Source: Danger Collective Records Introductions can be hard, as Addie, the face behind the musical project “Computerwife”, admitted in our interview where we peeled back the layers of her artistic journey, her musical roots, and how she landed with her musical moniker of “Computerwife”. Can you introduce yourself? That’s always one of the hard […]

Glaive, San Diego

Glaive closes out the United States portion of his “I CARE SO MUCH THAT I DON’T CARE AT ALL” tour in San Diego, on October 8th, 2023.  Walking into this concert I did not know what to expect, I didn’t know much about Glaive, his fans, or his music. Glaive’s music, according to his fans, […]