How to Style Overalls

I bought my overalls about a year ago, and struggled to figure out how to wear them! I didn’t want to look like my five-year-old self that used to run around the playground in pigtails and overalls, but I didn’t want to overdo a look either. After finding a few ways to wear them, I never want to take them off! The second they’re dirty, I want to throw them in the wash and have them ready to wear the next day. They are a fun addition to an otherwise t-shirt and jeans outfit, so why not wear them as much a possible! Here is how I have learned how to style my beloved overalls and get the most use out of them:


  1. Cozy up: As much as we want Spring to come, winter is still here, but that won’t stop me from wearing my favorite outfits. Throw a cozy sweater or sweatshirt under your overalls and you will be ready for an overcast day! If you want to dress up your look, you can wear a cute pair of booties with your outfit. When it is especially chilly out, or if you’re like me and like to layer, throw a jacket over your overalls. I have paired my jean jacket with my jean overalls in the past, and it is a funky look that gets lots of compliments! Overalls can be made ready for any type of weather, which just adds to the reasons why I love them.
  2. Simple and sweet: This is my absolute favorite way to style them. When I get a day where I feel like looking girly, I go for this look! I add my favorite striped shirt, or crop top, some spring sandals, and curl my hair! Then I am ready for a day at the farmer’s market, a fun lunch date or even a day full of classes! I am still comfy in my jeans, but the overalls are an accessory built in to your look!
  3. On the go: for those days filled with homework, errands and chores, I know a look that will have you feeling put together. This is also perfect for the days when you need a little jump-start. Instead of throwing on your normal yoga pants and sweatshirt, put on your favorite tee and pull your hair up into a messy bun or a baseball cap. You can then add your favorite pair of Vans or Converse and be ready to go! All you need to do is get a cup of coffee in your hands, and you are set for a busy day!


Overalls can seem like a scary and risky piece of clothing to wear out, especially when you are used to the normal jeans and shirt looks. But adding this piece to my wardrobe was a great decision, and they are one of my favorite purchases. I look forward to wearing them as much as possible!


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Boomshaka 2018 Music Festival at Valley View Casino Center

Reggae is definitely my thing. If you know me or listen to my 11 a.m. Wednesday radio show, you know this is completely true. When I was presented with the opportunity to cover the largest reggae music festival in San Diego in February I was ecstatic. Boomshaka was definitely a night to remember. This was a JAM PACKED day full of several amazing reggae artists including some from San Diego!

The show opened with Aloha Radio and The Expanders. Immediately there was lots of dancing and plenty of good vibes to go around. The lovely Hirie performed shortly after. If you haven’t heard of her, click here to hear her popular song, “You Won’t Be Alone.” Hirie’s seven-piece band is originally from San Diego and has been nominated for Best World Music at the upcoming 2018 San Diego Music Awards. Let me tell you, Hirie puts on a SHOW when she performs. Hirie and her band danced their entire set. There are not many female artists in the reggae industry, but I could easily see Hirie taking over the scene in the coming years.

The Original Wailers followed. This band was formed by Al Anderson, Bob Marley’s guitarist, and they performed several recognized songs including “No Woman No Cry” and “Stir It Up.” The whole crowd was singing along for their entire performance. Pretty unique to have the Original Wailers perform, because they keep the spirit and legacy of Bob Marley alive.

The legendary Don Carlos was next. You could tell this guy has a blast when he’s performing. He danced as he entered the stage at the beginning of his performance and was constantly laughing throughout the night. He even invited Kyle McDonald from Slightly Stoopid to come on stage and sing with him. The crowd went wild. Total surprise. McDonald and Don Carlos are actually good friends on and off stage.

San Diego natives, Tribal Seeds, came ready to rock everyone’s socks off. These guys are wild. At one point they were rocking out so hard I was wondering if we were at a reggae show or a rock show. They performed many songs from their new album, “Roots Party,” which was released in 2017 and instantly hit the top of the charts. They were awesome.

Stick Figure closed out the show. They opened with “Fire on the Horizon” and their recent single “Above the Storm,” and the bass was turned up so high in the venue that it rattled every inch of my body. Cocoa the Tour Dog also made an appearance. This cute and friendly Australian Shepherd hangs out on stage for every Stick Figure performance. Can’t forget to add that @cocoathetourdog has more Instagram followers than I ever will in my entire life.

Although the concert was held indoors at Valley View Casino Center, the concert managers wanted to give a village-festival vibe to the inside of the venue. There were numerous vendors there, including Cali Vibes, the creators of the “Support Local Reggae” t-shirts –  I was lucky enough to snag one.

Reggae concerts are so unique on their own. Everyone is in such a good mood, vibing to the music… you can’t help but join in on the fun. And reggae concert goers are incredibly friendly. You could practically walk to the front of the stage without bumping into others; everyone’s just loving life doing their own thing. Fortunately in San Diego, we get quite a few reggae artists visiting. If you ever get a chance to go to a local reggae concert, big or small, take it. Boomshaka was held in the month of February in honor of Bob Marley’s birth month. Since this was the first-annual Boomshaka Music Festival, you can definitely catch this event again next year.

If some of these artists are unfamiliar to you, do yourself a favor and check them out… or tune in to my reggae show Wednesday’s at 11 a.m.! I’m always sharing new songs, whether they are local artists or are recently produced.

Attached are some photos from the night. Hope you enjoy. 🙂




Listen to The Ready Set

The year is 2018 and Jordan Witzigreuter, more widely known as The Ready Set, is still not getting the musical recognition that he deserves.

Everyone knows him for his hit single, “Love Like Woe,” which came out way back in 2010. Back then, when trying to convince my friends to give his music a listen, I called him the “Emo Justin Bieber.” This may or may not be important, nor correct about him, or his music. But I was like 13 when I made this suggestion. And I just wanted to share this fun new indie pop music with other 13-year-old girls.

Everything this one-man-band puts out is an honest bop. Starting from his first album, “Temper Tantrum,” to his most recent release. He definitely puts something out for everyone. A lot of his music is considered electro-pop, indie pop, synth-pop and just straight up pop. All of this means that it is perfect for dancing around your room and feeling happy. At least, for me it does.

Not only does he have a lot of good dance music, but, interestingly enough, Jordan has been a part of some other pretty fun releases. For example, in 2010, Jordan released a Christmas Ep. Later, in 2015, came something called the “Celebrity EP.” The latter of these I strongly recommend checking out. It features just four songs dedicated to different celebrities. Some of these including Taylor Swift and Nicholas Cage. You can also find him on a couple “Punk Goes Pop” volumes.

It has been eight long years, and I am still pushing people to listen to what he puts out. Recently, Jordan released a single called “Life in Pink.” The song came out on Feb. 15. I have already listened to it an embarrassing number of times (meaning, on repeat for a couple days now).

This new song weirdly makes me feel nostalgic for a time that I cannot remember. It is like falling in love. If this song were in a movie, it would be that part of a rom-com when the characters start to fall for each other in the middle of an artsy montage scene.

Fortunately, for listeners, old and new, a new EP is coming soon. According to Witzigreuter, a new EP will be released on March 16. If you have not heard anything by him since 2010, I strongly recommend starting now with this new single! Here’s his Spotify, please enjoy!


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Lemon Glow: Single Review

Beach House had a Valentine’s Day present for the world: a new single. “Lemon Glow” is the first single from Beach House’s upcoming seventh album, which they’ve said is “due later this spring,” on Instagram and Twitter. The Baltimore duo, made up of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, somewhat reinvent their sound with each new album, but “Lemon Glow” marks a big departure from the Beach House instrumental canon we’ve grown to know and love. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad thing. In fact, I’ve been listening to the song on repeat since it was released.

While Beach House kept their trademark drum machine and organ sounds the same, an acidic synth line makes “Lemon Glow” stand apart. The band also brings back a shoegaze-like heavily distorted guitar, which has been used in some songs like “Sparks,” “Beyond Love” and “Elegy to the Void” from their two most recent albums. The combination of the strobing synth and guitar make for a less hazy Beach House, but still provide the perfect canvas for Legrand’s dreamy vocals. She sings of a lover, with more intimate details than Beach House usually affords itself.

  “It’s what you do/This pulls me through/I come alive/You stay all night.”

Legrand also ties this lover to colorful imagery with the hook, “When you turn the lights down low/Lemon color, honey glow.” These references to color continue with the line “Candy colored misery/The color of your mind” just before the song comes to an abrupt end.



This foray into psychedelia is also explored with the “Lemon Glow” music video. Released on Valentine’s as well, the video mirrors the single’s US album artwork with pulsating patterns of black and white shapes. The waving checkerboard that’s reminiscent of “2001: A Space Odyssey’s” stargate sequence melds into a swirling kaleidoscope and back again throughout the video, ultimately producing a mind melting optical illusion that you can’t take your eyes off of.

Overall, Beach House’s combination of video and music provide a perfect backdrop to zone out to, but Legrand’s personal lyrics bring the audience back down to earth. “Lemon Glow” follows a logical progression from the shoegaze inspiration of the band’s two previous albums, but makes the jump to full psychedelic dream pop without worrying if anyone gets left behind.

Beach House’s sophomore album, “Devotion,” turns 10 this month and is getting a beautiful vinyl reissue through the subscription service Vinyl Me, Please, in March. The duo is currently touring Europe and will return to North America this summer, with a show at the Hollywood Bowl in September.

Photo by Phil King / CC BY