Taylor Swift’s Reputation is Not Getting Any Better

On March 11, Taylor Swift released her new music video of her song Delicate. As thrilled as people were to see it, the video was nothing new that we haven’t seen already. We’ve seen a corky girl dancing, we’ve heard people complain about being famous, and we’ve heard songs about boys. I was hoping her entire new album be about her, but I guess I was wrong.

The song itself wasn’t bad, but the elements in the video were. Taylor Swift is popular for her corky dance, but in this video she looked like a poor imitation of Maddie Ziegler, the popular dancer featured in Sia’s videos. Her dancing was made a mock off such that people made her into a meme. Some overriding Swift’s song with Spanish singer’s, Melody, song El Baile del Gorila, where it appears that she is dancing to that song instead of Delicate. This is not the only comparison that Swift’s video is being compared to. There is also a controversy relating to the similarities that Delicate has with Kenzo’s perfume ad, calling Swift’s video a “copy with worst dancing.”

If there is anything more annoying than her dancing is the autotune she has started to incorporate into her new songs. This robotic special effect is making her no good, and she should stay away from it. The girl sings good, and she should not try to fix what is not brocken. She along with her team need to understand that her fans would rather hear her voice than a machine. I had to watch the video with captions in order to understand what she was singing. The captions helped, and the more I listened to it the more I enjoyed it, but if I can’t understand the song without captions then there is no point in listening to it. The special effects used on her singing does not work for me.

Having a good beat, and a catchy phrase makes a good song, but not a good music video. And let’s leave the crazy emotional dancing to Ziegler.

Rock n Roll is Dead

For a long time now I have noticed that there isn’t many rock bands in this day and age. While listening to KROQ, a rock station in LA, I noticed that most of the music they were playing was classic rock or songs from the early to mid 2000s. Almost simultaneously, me and dad turned to each other and said “why are there no rock bands anymore?”. We went into a conversation that lasted about an hour reminiscing on the height of rock music (which I wasn’t even alive for) and the decline of it.
My dad said “name a band right now that is releasing music that you think is rock?” I personally couldn’t think of anything. Yea I thought of Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy and The Killers but their height was in the early 2000s when pop punk was it. For me, personally it takes a lot for me to get into a new artist so maybe there are some bands but how many of them will be held as rockstars.
I grew up taking after my dad’s and brothers’ music taste which is mostly classic rock. Names such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Animals, and Queen were always listened to. These bands are still my most listened to on Spotify (behind Harry Styles). I love watching documentaries on bands from the 60s-80s when Rock was the main event. People went crazy over these rockstars. And that is no longer around. Maybe I miss the counterculture of rock that I wasn’t around for.
This also isn’t just an opinion. As of now Hip-Hop/Rap is the most popular genre as opposed to rock which held the number one place for decades. Now, I do agree that times change and its time for something else to be on top I must admit that I miss Rock n Roll.


5 songs everyone should listen to

I have very strong opinions about what people should do, especially when it comes to music and movies. So, below is a list of five songs I think that everyone should listen to at least once.

“Human Nature” Michael Jackson
I know we all know the King of Pop and his greatest hits, but a song that I usually see missing from that list is this song. With its smooth, soft melody and Micheal’s beautiful, ageless voice this song is everything one needs for a relaxing day. “When they say why, tell them that it’s human nature.”

2.  “Silver Springs” Fleetwood Mac
An iconic song from the iconic “Rumors” era. But it wasn’t on the original release of the album because of time. Stevie Nicks wrote this song about her then ex-boyfriend and Fleetwood Mac’s very own guitarist Lindsey Buckingham. Her voice increasing with urgency and frustration and the fact that she sings this on stage with him, looking him straight in the eye makes it all the more powerful. “Time casts a spell on you but you wont forget me.”

3. “This River is Wild” The Killers
From the worldwide known album Sam’s Town, this song tends to be forgotten… at least so I thought. On Jan. 30, 2018 I had the pleasure of seeing them live here in San Diego. Before they played this song (I was surprised that they even had it on the set list) Brandon Flowers said “we played this whole album in Sam’s Town for the 10 year anniversary and this song surprising had the most hype, so here is ‘This River is Wild’.” I was thrilled because this song is my favorite on the album. This song actually feels like a river. Rushing downstream. “I just wanna to show you what I know and catch when the current lets you go.”

4. “Silly” Deniece Williams
Now I couldn’t let y’all go without some soul and r&b. This song can be felt by everyone. Everyone has felt foolish loving someone who didn’t love you back. Willaim’s childlike voice, sounding innocent and silly makes the song really embody its title. “Silly of me to think that you could ever really want me too how I love you.”

5. “F*** With Myself” Banks
If you want to feel like the baddest in the land listen to this song. This song is for looking in the mirror, getting ready for the club, and just really feeling yourself. When Banks released this song a new level of confidence was unlocked within my soul. Her sultry voice and haunting beats makes this song of legendary status in my mind. “ I used to care what you think about me. Cause my love so good. So I f*** with myself more than anybody else.”

All of these songs and more are available in a playlist on spotify called “Songs that everyone should listen to”  I made of all the songs I think everyone should know.


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Sitting on Stacy at Soma

The existence of software programs, music sharing sites and social media has encouraged the growth of independent music production. These opportunities allow for complete creative liberty and control, invigorating a movement of aspiring DJs, producers and musicians. Sitting on Stacy is no exception. They wrote, recorded and produced the music found on their debut album, “Obsessed.” Their DIY music has led them to play at venues like Rocky City Studios and most recently, Soma, alongside Mt. Eddy.

I had the pleasure of attending their show on Sat. March 31 where they put on a stellar, high-energy performance. This Venture County-based band has developed a sound comparable to those of Green Day, Nirvana and even the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Guitarist and vocalist Hoyt Yeatman, bassist Kyle Hart and drummer Jeff Demorest owned the stage and drew the crowd in with their blaring instruments.

The trio’s performance of “Mailman” livened the audience and was a personal favorite. The intensity of the music paired with the crowd’s upbeat attitude electrified Soma’s sidestage venue. The technicolored lights, as well as the tiny mosh pit, made the experience an even better time. Other performances like “Apple Pie” and “Piece of Me” showcased the band’s dynamism and ability to blend genres. “Apple Pie” is reminiscent of the Red Hot Chili pepper’s distinctive rock sound, especially Hoyt’s mellowed vocals. On the other hand, the guitar intro and upbeat rhythm heard throughout “Piece of Me” is comparable to the surf rock/ska music scene. Finally, their closing song “I Can’t F—” is a perfect mixture of both. The rhythmic verses and punching chorus were enthralling to watch.

Local bands like Sitting on Stacy deserve a platform to express their creativity. Through SDSU and organizations, the trio has played at open mic nights, backyard shows, fraternity events, a Nooner and even a KCR gig in Montezuma Hall.

Social media, music sites and open-minded audiences have made it easier to share music created by aspiring musicians. I hope the SDSU community and the rest of southern California will continue to give Sitting on Stacy a chance to bring back an edge to modern music.

Featured image from Sitting on Stacy