The Ultimate Coachella Survival Guide

Hey, Aztecs! Excited for weekend two of Coachella 2017? Before you go out and make new memories, be sure to follow my personal “do’s and don’t’s” for Coachella 2017 for the optimal time of your life.

Don’t be afraid to wear whatever you want.
I hear people say, “Coachella is turning into more of a fashion show than a music festival,” (or something along those lines) all the time. My response to that? Wear whatever you want. If you want to dress boho chic? Go for it. Want to wear your heels? It might be a little painful if you’re standing all day, but if you really want to wear them, go for it! Dress for yourself, and don’t think twice about what others think.

Just keep in mind that it’s going to be really warm (especially when you’re deep inside a crowd of hundreds of people), and that there will be a lot of walking, standing around and dancing!

Create a meet-up spot for you and your friends.
Do you and your friends want to see different sets that are happening at the same time? Before you split up and head to your respective stages, create a meet-up place. Whether it be at different art installations, bathrooms or some other area, this will help reunite the group without any worries. It’ll also save you a lot of battery on your phone because you won’t have to constantly check up on everyone. Just simply arrange to meet somewhere at a specific time.

Being present in the moment is better than being on your phone.
As much as I love being on my social media accounts, I always follow this one rule: don’t drown everyone in excessive concert postings. I find it best to limit yourself to a couple posts a day, so that you can be present and really enjoy the festival. It’s better to become entranced in the different music, light shows and awesome surroundings that Coachella provides. I’d also like to add that people spend $400 on a ticket, and should really take in every little moment.

Create a game-plan for each day – but break that plan too.
To really get the most out of the three days of Coachella, it’s best to figure out in the morning (or night before) what sets you want to see, and plan out which stages you’re going to. However, Coachella’s about relaxing, having fun and spontaneity. If you’re passing by an artist or band who has an appealing sound, check them out! You never know what new music you might discover. It’s Coachella – just go with the flow.

Chill out at the Do Lab.

An incredibly underrated stage, being at the Do Lab is possibly the best memory I have of Coachella. If you’re tired, exhausted, hot, and in dire need of some fresh air… head on over to the Do Lab. Not only does the Do Lab feature weird characters spraying you with these strange, misting guns (pictured above), but they also have great music from underground DJs. For example, I was cooling down at the Do Lab when I discovered Tokimonsta, in 2015. Tokimonsta brought out Anderson .Paak, and then I realized how awesome Anderson .Paak was. The moral of the story is that you can discover a lot of new music. And, the Do Lab is a pretty spacious place compared to the other stages, which can only mean one thing: more dancing!

That’s all I have for today, Aztecs! Be sure to wear your sunscreen, charge your phones and bring your own toilet paper and seat covers!

Ashley Bajet,
signing out.

Featured Image: The Odyssey


FYF 2017 Line-Up

The FYF Lineup has arrived and it is truly a blessing from above. With Missy Elliott and Björk headlining on the same day (July 21) and Frank Ocean and Nine Inch Nails headlining on the two other days (July 22-23), FYF is sure to be packed full of a diverse group of youngsters. However, the big-name stars performing at FYF come at a cost: tickets are on sale for $299 rather than $199.

FYF has evolved from a single-day attraction in 2009, to a three-day festival that features many mainstream and iconic names. Unlike Coachella, most of the people that attend FYF are there mainly for the music, not for the Instagram boomerangs and the fashion. Located in Exposition Park in Los Angeles, FYF will please fans of older music (with the #throwback hits of Tribe Called Quest and Iggy Pop), fans of current music (with Solange and Anderson.Paak) and fans of artists on the rise (such as Cherry Glazerr and Mitski).

So, below are a few artists playing at FYF that I highly suggest you check out!

Frank Ocean

It’s a no-brainer. Frank Ocean has been AWOL for a little too long, so any time he is in town or playing a show nearby, it’s basically mandatory! He dropped an album last year called “Blonde” and has so many great hits within that album, such as “Solo” and “Ivy.” He still has the iconic album “Channel Orange” under his belt, as well. When he performs the songs “Thinking of You” and “Super Rich Kids,” I’ll definitely be there screaming the words.

Photo (A Seat at the Table) by Dani Miller. Click image to view source. Photo unchanged. License


The goddess herself is sharing her beautiful music with us at FYF. Solange is known for her pop/R&B album, “A Seat At The Table,” which covers many subjects ranging from the Black Lives Matter protests to black culture in general. It’s refreshing to see Solange making a name for herself, other than “Beyonce’s sister.” I, for one, am a firm believer that her music proves to be genuine and unique, rather than commercialized and stereotypical. Not to mention, she has really good dance moves. So, go see Solange at FYF to feel #empowered.

Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen, an angel herself, will be blessing us with hits such as “Shut Up, Kiss Me” and “Intern” from her latest album, “My Woman.” With a more pop/gritty sound that showcases pain, love and self reflection, her music will sound beautiful live at FYF. I was able to watch some of her set at Coachella 2014, and it’s true that her music definitely has changed from “sad girl” music to a more upbeat sound. Because of that, I’m even more excited to see and hear her new music live at FYF.

I could talk about this line-up for hours, but this would turn into a novel, so I won’t. However, a few other notable performers playing at FYF that I think you should see are Tribe Called Quest, King Krule, Hannibal Buress, Björk and Cherry Glazerr! Have a great rest of your week, Aztecs!

Ashley Bajet,

signing out.


Featured Image by FYF.


SXSW: A Brief History

South by Southwest, a conference for new ideas wrapped inside an art festival enclosed in a film festival and encased in a music festival. The best way to describe SXSW is that it is a lot of everything. The festival is on right now until March 20th, and the biggest names in art, film, technology, music, almost everything, are there right now. But how did this giant festival of life begin? I was curious if it had just started as a lowly music fest that grew and grew into what it is today. Turns out that the story doesn’t quite go that way.

It began in 1986 when Ronald Swenson, Louis Black (not the comedian), Nick Barbaro, and Louis Meyers met together in the offices of The Austin Chronicle to create a festival in order to attract attention to all the musical talents that Austin, Texas held. Their key idea was to create a way for the talent in Austin to get noticed. But they also wanted to make a festival for arts and ideas. In order to not make the event exclusive to Austin, to include the world, they named is South by Southwest. Thus, in March of 1987, the first SXSW was held. The organizers figured they would get about 150 people to attend. To their surprise and delight, 700 people came on just the first day.

It wasn’t until their 8th event that they added in SXSW Film and Interactive. In the film festival’s first year they managed to have two world premiers, 36 speakers, and 8 panels. That same year, the brothers that made up the band Hanson were brought to SXSW by their father to audition for music executives. They just happened to meet their future manager at the festival.

This brief history of South by Southwest barely covers all that the huge festival has done and has to offer. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on Austin when March comes around, because you never know if the next big band, film, or technological breakthrough is going to come through.

A Tale of Two Coachellas

In October of 1999, the very first Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. The headliners were Beck, Rage Against the Machine, Tool, Morrissey, and the Chemical Brothers, groups still popular 17 years later. In 1999, Coachella tickets sold for $50 per day for a two day festival. So if a person wanted to attend both days, they would  only be paying $100. This year Coachella is being held at the end of April and tickets start at a painful $399. A lot has changed since the first Coachella, most notably the price of the festival and the time of the year it is held. But recent news from The Desert Sun suggests that Goldenvoice, the company that runs the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, wants to hold another music festival at the Empire Polo Club in the fall.

Now, this doesn’t mean that it will be a music festival similar to the Coachella that we know today. Goldenvoice produces Stagecoach: California’s Country Music Festival in the Coachella Valley as well, so it could be a music festival of yet another musical genre. In the fall of 2000 they moved Coachella to the Spring of the next year and the Empire Polo Club played host to Nocturnal Wonderland, an EDM festival in the fall spot that Coachella was originally in. Another EDM festival could be held in the fall spot again the future, if Indio allows.

As of right now, we can only speculate what Goldenvoice may do for the fall in Indio. But Indio’s mayor, Glenn Miller, says at least one more festival in the fall is “imminent”. And although all of the announcements are exciting, it is pretty unlikely that any festivals will happen this coming fall. So for now, all festival-lovers will just have to sit and wait for their wallets to be emptied once again by yet another music festival.