How to Dress for an Interview

It is almost summer time which means two things: summer internships are available and graduating students are looking for jobs. Getting the interview can be stressful in itself, but preparing for the interview is just as important. In order to dress to impress, a list of tips have been compiled to rock your interview:

Professional is best: I recently had an interview where I showed up in slacks, a blouse, and loafers, while the people interviewing me were wearing yoga pants and Birkenstocks. At first I felt incredibly out of place, but dressing professionally is always the standard. Its a simple three piece outfit, and doesn’t have to be pricey. It shows that you are serious about getting the job, and can be ready for any occasion. Once you get the job you can participate in casual Friday 

Limit the accessories: We get it, you know how to rock the trendy earrings, and the the layers of necklaces. You can show off your creativity and passion for fashion once you get the gig. Keep it simple- a cute bracelet, a chain necklace, and stud earrings. I wore my favorite Alex and Ani chain bracelet, and simple earrings- it made me feel put together, but comfortable. I didn’t have to worry about bracelets and necklaces being in the way of what I was doing either. Wow them with what you have to show for your experience, you don’t want those interviewing you to be distracting by all the extras.

Add a pop of color: Yes, you might have to cut back on the accessories, and invest in your first pair of trousers, but have fun with it. Get a pair of colored pants. Or maybe a fun print for your blouse! It will separate you from the other people being interviewed, but for all the right reasons. 


The import part in all of this is to be comfortable and be confident! We all have something to be proud of and that is going to set us apart, and it is all about flaunting that! Good luck on interviewing, and happy shopping!

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I Cannot Wear Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville is the brand everybody wants to be wearing…except for me. It’s got trendy pieces of clothing, shirts with funny sayings, and the prices are manageable for a college student budget. But whenever I pass the Brandy Melville area in a store, or go to the store with my friends, I just can’t bring myself to spend my money. Why? Two reasons:

  1. A line of shirts they put out featured the famous quote from Mean Girls “You can’t sit with us.” Sure, the movie was funny, and yes it is just a movie, but the quote is not meant to be used in a serious fashion. The point of the movie was to bring light to how out of control bullying can get, not to become a fashion statement. And being the girl that was told she could not sit at tables during lunch, I just can’t seem to support a shirt and a company that has that plastered across it.
  2. They sell one size, and one size only. The tags on the clothing either say “One size fits most,” or online the sizes all say “fits small/medium.” We are in an era of body positivity, and loving ourselves, but then there’s these popular brands like this that exclude anybody over a size small. Even me, being a person that wears a size small, cannot fit into some of their clothing without looking like Winnie the Pooh. Just like the quote “You can’t sit with us,” excludes people from joining in, the sizing of these clothes exclude women from buying from them.

Now, I can agree that Brandy Melville releases cute clothing. It falls in the look I am usually going for, and the brand seems to hold up nicely. But I tend to find a brand of clothing that has similar style and go with that instead. I am a firm believer in supporting brands that are for a good cause, and make others (including myself) feel good about wearing them; which is why I just cannot seem to give any amount of money to the Brandy Melville brand.


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Boutique Finds: Misha

My biggest problem when shopping for clothes is that I want something different. I don’t want to always see others wearing the same clothes I have, and I like to put a spin on a popular look.

So, when Misha opened in Puyallup, Washington, it covered all my fashion needs. I stumbled upon the store when I was home for Christmas break in 2015, which happened to be right after they first opened. Malia, the owner, is from Hawaii and probably has the best style I’ve ever seen. She puts together the cutest outfits, and it shows in the clothes that are sold at the boutique.

As said in the biography on Instagram, Misha sells a modern bohemian look. They are known for their reworked band tees, trendy sweaters & jackets, and fun shirts with sayings such as “Support your local girl gang,” printed on them. And, that is exactly what they have done- created a girl gang. The store hypes them up like crazy. You can post pictures of the products you buy in the store with the hashtag #MishaBabe, and it will guarantee you a response and even a share on their page. A problem I sometimes have with buying new clothes is deciding how to style them, and the hashtag helps all the time.

I love going to Misha when I am shopping for a certain event, because they always style me so well. It has hurt my bank account, however, because I cannot seem to stop adding stuff to my check. But, it is always worth it. With Misha I have found the perfect outfits for birthdays, vacations, concerts and dates- accessories and all.

Malia is not only the owner, but she also makes one of my favorite items to buy in the store- outlaw flannels. She reworks the flannels with bleach that makes a cool and unique pattern on every one of the shirts. As said before, I like to put a spin on trendy clothes and this does exactly that. I can button it up and throw on yoga pants for a cozy look. Or, I can layer it with a t-shirt and a vest for a day of errands and coffee. I can even throw it over a dress, or on with a denim skirt, to spunk up a girly look. Every shirt is different, and she brings a ton in to the store each week.

Finding this store might have been the biggest blessing for my closet, and I love being in Washington so I can stop by and let them style me. I never leave the store without a bag in my hand, and the biggest smile on my face. Supporting local businesses in my hometown and small businesses is just another perk to buying here, and I cannot wait to get back to Puyallup to do some shopping! If you are interested in buying from Misha you can either order online or order through Instagram!

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All Camo Everything

Everybody has a signature piece that they wear over and over again and just never get tired of. It’s like that t-shirt your mom could barely get off of you long enough to wash when you were younger.

This week, as I was putting together some outfits, I found my signature piece: my refurbished army jacket. I got it from Misha, my favorite store for when I want any new, unique piece of clothing for my closet. Considering the majority of my closet is black, this jacket goes with every outfit I put together. It is unique from any other camouflage jacket I have because there is beading work on the back that adds a pop of color, and a little flair. Now, there are multiple ways to style this jacket, and many other camo jackets. But, here are a few ways I like to put it together:

  • An On the Go Look: This is perfect for heading to a class on campus, or running weekly errands. It is laid back and easy to put together. You can throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans, a simple tee and a baseball cap and go! To make it look like you put a little more effort in, adding the jacket changes the whole look!









  • Time to go out: When I’m dressed up for something like going out to a party or going to a nice restaurant, I like to dress classy, but also have something to layer with for when it gets chilly. Nights can get cold down here (especially as the fall weather is finally here) but I shouldn’t have to give up my dresses and tank tops. I’ll throw my camo jacket in the car or bring it with me so I always can stay warm, but still look cute. No need to ask for a boyfriend’s jacket when you have this signature piece to keep you cozy!


  • Sassy and cute: Although I like to dress girly, I definitely have my tomboy side. I want to wear sparkles and pink, but I want to do it with a little edge. Getting my Army jacket helped me to do exactly that. My favorite items to pair with my jacket are the pink Converse and jean skirt shown below. I feel like I can look cute, but also give off the tomboy and laid-back vibe I am always going for.

You can pair this jacket with any look and it is going to take your outfit to the next level. Whether you are looking to dress up a casual outfit or make a dressed up outfit more laid back, this jacket has got you covered. It matches with any color, but can also add some color to an all black wardrobe. You can even pair camo jackets with other prints if you are feeling extra bold! If you are looking for a new signature piece, go for an army jacket!