Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, better known as the synth-pop/psychedelic rock band MGMT, are making their well-deserved comeback. They are best known for their songs “Kids,” “Time to Pretend” and “Electric Feel,” which all still play on top hit radio stations. After releasing their debut album “Oracular Spectacular” in 2007, the band hit the top of the charts.

Little do people know, MGMT was actually formed as a joke. Andrew and Ben weren’t even trying to form a band. If anything, they never meant for their band to become big. They originally wrote their music during jam sessions they had as freshman in their free time, while they studied at their small town university in Connecticut. Artists such as Katy Perry and Frank Ocean began to sample MGMT, and the band even did a few collaborations with artists such as Kid Cudi and Beck. Their original joke was taken seriously, as was the infamous line “I want to parachute some heroin and f**k with the stars,” from “Time to Pretend.” Then, Andrew and Ben changed things up.

With their second album, “Congratulations,” MGMT moved toward a punk rock vibe, like the British artists of the late ’60s to early ’80s. With their self-titled record from 2013, the band hit the brakes, slowed itself down and moved back toward those funky but melancholic synth songs. The band has always featured lots of piano, but with their singles from 2013, they moved toward a Grateful Dead vibe with more guitar and just pure jamming out. Now, they are rediscovering their roots with a new freakishly unique twist. Their single “When You Die” is a perfect example of this, with angry singing, happy tones and solemn lyrics. “Hand It Over,” their single released in January, captures MGMT’s usual underground spooky feelings, featuring a gorgeous melancholy sigh of not trying hard but trying just enough. One of their singles, “Little Dark Age,” brings that spooky vibe back, and their new album will be titled that as well.

With their newest single, “Me and Michael,” released Feb. 7, the band transitions back to those ’80s vibes we know and love. The video for the song follows the band as they rise to success in an absurd universe with euphoric and hallucinogenic tones. It’s quite psychedelic, and I would recommend it to anyone trying to understand MGMT’s inherent satire. According to their interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, “Little Dark Age” was shaped by MGMT’s break up, and how Andrew and Ben tried to stay in contact after. Their relationship was distant but they later decided to meet up and express their surprise and dismay at Donald Trump being elected President. They used their feelings toward him as inspiration to write pop music, to try and get rid of the “evil that took over the world.” MGMT’s new album, “Little Dark Age,” was released on Feb. 9. I suggest that anyone looking for cool, refreshing, pop-synth music that might make you feel better about yourself, (according to the band) listen to the album.

MGMT will also be going back on tour in support of the album, and will be coming to San Diego on May 19, 2018, at the San Diego Civic Theatre.


Dressing for Disneyland: Do’s and Don’ts

Going to Disneyland is so exciting. Even as an adult I get excited about seeing my favorite characters, getting my favorite snacks and sitting in the yellow cup of the Teacups. But getting ready is so incredibly difficult. I want to look cute, but be comfortable. I also have to factor in the weather changes: the mornings are moderate, the afternoons are hot and the evenings are chilly. I frequent Disneyland often and have compiled a list of how to be ready for both pictures and a long day of walking!

1. For shoes: Do choose comfy, Don’t choose cute

I understand those new sandals you bought for spring are just waiting to get out of the closet, but leave them there for a little longer. Spending a whole day at Disney means walking, standing and more walking, so you want to be comfortable all day long. My most enjoyable days at Disneyland are when I wear either a pair of Nikes or Birkenstocks. They cover both the comfy and cute factors, and I can go from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. without envying the children being pushed in strollers.

2. Layer, layer, layer!

When I go I usually have three layers with me- a tank top, a shirt to put over and a jacket to throw on top of that. I want to stay until closing time, but I want to avoid having to buy an extra sweatshirt to stay warm! If you bring a backpack, all your layers should fit right inside. When I bring a flannel I can even wrap it around my waist for some extra accessorizing! Layers are also perfect to keep you warm on the rides that get you soaking wet- go on wearing just your first layer, and throw on the other two as soon as you get off!


3. Do accessorize, Don’t over do it!

Keeping it simple with the accessories is the perfect way to do Disney. Nothing gets in the way when strapping in to a ride, and you can be casual all day long. My favorite accessory that I wear almost every time is a baseball cap with Mickey on it, but if you have ears, rock them! A bracelet or a chain necklace are perfect to add a little sparkle to your outfit, but won’t get in the way! At Disneyland they even have places to get really cute necklaces and earrings, so if you come with nothing on, treat yourself!

4. Don’t wear shorts!

There is only one exception to this, and that is when there is a heat wave in summertime. Even then I ended up changing into pants, and was way more comfortable. In shorts, the rides are hot to sit on, and you then have to pack a pair of pants to change into the second the sun goes down. Yoga pants are also a way to go, you can layer, rock some Nikes and be comfy all day long. You can also eat all the churros and ice cream you want without feeling bloated! I love it!

Clearly breaking my own rules


A day at Disney is the perfect way to escape from school, work and adulthood- which is why I go so often. It’s a fun staycation if you want to make it a weekend getaway, and having a pass makes it easy and cheap to go! Dressing for the day can be stressful, but following these tips can make your day more magical! Plus you’ll look great for all your Instagram pictures and stories!



Harry Styles 24th Birthday Tribute

On Feb. 1, fans around the world celebrated Harry Styles 24th birthday. Harry Styles has built a strong, reputable self-image, starting with his role in British boyband, One Direction.  Over the past decade, he has completed many achievements, whether in the music or film industry.  Let’s look at some of his accomplishments in honor of his birthday:

Styles’ career began in 2010 when he auditioned for the U.K. “X Factor” and was placed with four other solo musicians, who would then become the phenomenon, One Direction. The band consisted of fellow members Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik.  Although One Direction placed third in the competition, this did not stop them from taking over the world.  In 2011, their first album was released and their single, “What Makes You Beautiful,” reached number one on the Top 40 charts.  Within the next few years, One Direction would come out with a documentary, do countless performances on television and on award shows, release five albums, go on four world tours and win 62 total awards.

After the One Direction hiatus began in 2016, each of the band members started solo careers, with Styles’ career specifically standing out.  Styles made his acting debut when he was cast as a main character in Christopher Nolan’s film, “Dunkirk.”  Later in 2016, Columbia Records signed Styles for an $80 million solo record deal for three albums.  The first album came out in April 2017.  This  ten-track album called “Harry Styles,” featured the lead single, “Sign of the Times,” which hit number one on the Top Tracks chart in 84 countries on the same day it was released.  A week after the album release date, Styles made his solo debut as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live, alongside host Jimmy Fallon.  Styles performed “Sign of the Times” and “Ever Since New York.”  In 2017, Harry Styles was nominated for three Teen Choice Awards, which consisted of choice male artist, choice rock artist and choice song, for “Sign of the Times.”  Harry Styles’ career is far from being over and fans cannot wait to see what he is going to come up with next.


Featured Image: Harley Weir/Columbia Records.

The Cardi B Movement

It’s 2018 and the Cardi B movement has begun. Since the beginning of the year, Cardi B has been in everyone’s mouth, whether they were talking about her engagement, her collaboration with Bruno Mars on the song “Finesse,” or her fashion style that never fails to impress. Unfortunately, during the 2018 Grammy’s people chose to focus not on why she was there or who or what she was wearing, but instead on how much body hair she was showing. Cardi B was scheduled to sing at the Grammy’s alongside Bruno Mars, but before performing, Moschino (a clothing brand) chose to release a picture on their Instagram of Cardi B wearing one of their outfits to the event. Moschino posted the picture to praise her look, but the picture received an unexpected reaction. Instead of receiving compliments towards Cardi B’s outfit, Instagram users decided to talk about her happy trail. All sorts of rude comments were left about her stomach hair. Even some Cardi B fans pitched contributed to the negativity. Some even went as far as advising her to shave the hairs before performing. Yes, there were others who ran to her defense, but it’s unbelievable that even in today’s political age, where the Women’s March has become of great importance, people still choose to push females down based on how much body hair they have.

When I first got the news about Cardi B’s unwelcome hair I couldn’t help but roll my eyes and smile. I found it dumb that people thought it was of great importance for her to not appear on-stage with belly hair. It is not like she was showing her pubes. Instead of bashing her like others, I praise her for it, because it is a topic that many females can relate too – including me.

Ironically just a week prior to the Grammy’s, as I was laying in bed watching Netflix, my own sister brought this topic up by asking me if I had hairs on my stomach. Right away, I knew this was one of those moments where you’re too afraid to ask something concerning yourself, so you make up a “friend” and ask the question for that “friend.” Except in this situation she made me the “friend.”

I responded back with no, “No, I don’t…because I remove them, but yes it’s normal for girls to have hair in their stomach.”

I had make sure she knew that even though I didn’t have any, that doesn’t mean that I never have belly hair, and that she was not alone. I started thinking about how at her age I wished I had someone that I could have posed that question to. It would’ve been nice to know that it was normal, and I bet that many other girls out there have the same question that my sister did. This is why when the Cardi B incident happened I smiled, because maybe she didn’t do it intentionally, but it is still something we needed. My words may not reach many, or be of importance to others, but Cardi B can now reassure girls and women alike that body hair, even on the stomach, is normal, and that even celebrities have it.

Featured Image retrieved from the Moschino Instagram. All credits to Moschino.