SDSU Baseball Deserves to be Ranked

Tyler Adkison of SDSU baseball swings away (
Weston Lowe, KCR Sports Host | May 3, 2017

This year’s San Diego State baseball team is one of the best they’ve had in years. With an overall record of 29-13 and a conference record of 13-5, the team is succeeding expectations. The offense is explosive, led by Tyler Atkins who is batting a cool .370 with 11 bombs and 38 runs driven in. The pitching has improved incredibly since last season led by Brett Seeburger and Dominic Purpura, who are both on the list for the National Pitcher of the Year award. The team has had big wins over big time programs such as UCLA and USD who both consistently put out major league talent. They also have wins over two currently ranked teams by the Associated Press, #11 Long Beach State and #16 Cal State Fullerton.

This team is clearly good enough to be ranked. They have an offensive that puts up big time numbers, and a pitching staff that has consistently been able to get the job done. Head Coach Mark Martinez has really put together a team that he has able to get the most out of. The question whoever remains; “why aren’t they getting the respect they deserve?” There are plenty of answers to this question, the most likely of which is probably that they play in the Mountain West, which is often considered a weak conference by AP voters. There also historically tends to be an East Coast bias against West Coast teams, which is also probably another rationale behind the lack of votes the team receives in the polls.

It’s unfair for this team to fly under the radar the way they have been. They consistently give their all on the field and have shown that they can keep up with the big time programs they’ve played. The players and coaches deserve to be recognized for their on-field accomplishments. Although they may play in a “weaker” conference, the team has dominated conference opponents giving them an in-conference scoring margin of +67. It might be wrong that this team is unranked, but the one good thing that may come out of it is that the team will likely use it for motivation to continue beating their rivals. One thing we know for sure is that is the team is extremely good and if they keep this up, they may find themselves making a deep run in the College World Series.

KCR Sports Host Offers His Thoughts On Where the Aztecs Went in the Draft

Well, the 2017 NFL draft is finally over. With first round surprises and picks that we all knew were going to happen, the fourth and fifth round is where the Aztecs made their presence known.

Three major aspects of the 2016-2017 San Diego State football team were taken in the two rounds. But how will they fair in their newly acquired home town?

I’m here to give you my thoughts on what the future is going to be like for the Aztecs that finally made it to the big league.

Nico Siragusa to the Baltimore Ravens

This was a pick that any SDSU football native could have seen coming. A big body Siragusa helped in paving the way for the all-time collegiate rusher in Donnel Pumphrey, so it was to no surprise that he was going to find a home in a city that loved linemen.

In the past, the Ravens have had star linemen such as Jonathan Ogden, Marshall Yanda and Michael Oher, just to name a few. I believe that Siragusa is going to make a major impact in the Ravens running game with Justin Forsett in the backfield. Overall I think that this is a good home for Siragusa and I would give this draft grade a solid A-.

Donnel Pumphrey to the Philadelphia Eagles

Man oh man do I have a lot to say about this acquisition. With the 132nd pick, the Eagles took a chance and traded up to get the 5’8”, 178 pound Pumphrey who in 2017, surpassed the great Ron Dayne in rushing yards. As a Cowboys fan, this draft pick hurt me dearly.

I was not expecting the Eagles to trade up to take Pumphrey, but as far as a system that works for his skillset, Phili does show some promise.

Of course, the Eagles houses one of the elite short-man running backs in Darren Sproles who is in fact two inches shorter than Pumphrey. I think with the mentorship that Sproles can bring, along with a promising backfield with Ryan Mathews and Wendell Smallwood, the leading rusher the chance to make a decent impact with this club. I would give this a draft grade of a B+.

Damontae Kazee to the Atlanta Falcons

 This pick, in my opinion, was the smartest out of all of the three draft picks. With the 149th pick, the Falcons made a very smart move on taking the senior cornerback Damontae Kazee.

Prior to the draft, I had Kazee going as the first Aztec in the draft, but still going to the Falcons. Last season, the Falcons were that one star defensive back away from having an elite defense. Paired with Desmond Trufant, I feel like Kazee is going to be able to make the roster and make an immediate impact for the Falcon’s defense.

Defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel is going to have a great time with this defense with star studded players like Vic Beasley Jr., Keanu Neal, Courtney Upshaw, and of course, Kazee. I give this an amazing draft grade of A+.

A Film That Will Take Your Breath Away

You know a film is incredible when it has the ability to make you laugh, cry and leave you questioning the world around you. “Manchester by the Sea” was truly one of the most phenomenal pieces of cinema I have ever viewed. It is a heavy drama that explores the theme of loss, and the complexity of relationships, hope and love. The Guardian, a British daily newspaper, said the film was a “minor-key masterpiece” and described it as “inexpressibly sad.” The movie starts with the introduction of Lee (Casey Affleck) as an angry janitor living in Boston. He goes back to his hometown shortly after the death of his brother only to find out that he is now the legal guardian of his brother’s son. He was resistant to take on the role, at first, but eventually accepts and moves in with the boy. As the plot progresses, the audience discovers that Lee had previously experienced a terrible tragedy that forever changed his outlook on life. This movie proved that one simple, careless mistake has the ability to change the entire course of a person’s life. It makes you think in depth about your own life and how anything can happen to anyone at any time. Trust me, this film will rip your heart out and tear it to a million pieces. And, it is amazing.

90s Kids Rejoice: Childhood Reboots Are Upon Us

Back in July 2016, the news about our beloved childhood shows coming back for an encore hit the floors of San Diego Comic Con. Nickelodeon based their entire theme and showcase on ’90s nostalgia, bringing back old favorites such as “Legends of the Hidden Temple,” “Rocko’s Modern Life”  and “Hey Arnold.” These well known series are coming back as TV movies.

Although “Legends of the Hidden Temple” premiered later in 2016, and no new news has been released for Rocko, Nickelodeon fans are trying their best to be patient for “Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie.” Here is what we know so far.

Along with the title, the main premise of the movie was released last year. The two hour special will pick up where the original series left off in 2004, tying up loose ends and cliffhangers. It will finally answer the question we’ve all been asking: what happened to Arnold’s parents?

Variety, who first reported about the movie, also stated the following in regards to who will be returning to voice their original characters,”Original voice actors Francesca Marie Smith will return as Helga; Anndi McAfee as Phoebe; Justin Shenkarow as Harold; Olivia Hack as Rhonda; Nika Futterman as Olga; Dan Butler as Mr. Simmons; “The Simpsons” vet Dan Castellaneta as Grandpa; Tress MacNeille as Grandma; Antoinette Stella as Stella; Carlos Alazraqui as Eduardo; Dom Irrera as Ernie; Maurice LaMarche as Bob Pataki; Kath Soucie as Miriam; Danielle Judovits as Big Patty; Danny Cooksey as Stoop Kid; Jim Belushi as Coach Wittenberg; and Craig Bartlett as Miles.”

Variety went on to report that new voice actors will be playing the roles of most of the other kids, as well as Pigeon Man and Arnold. However, the original voice actors for those roles will still be involved with the project and will voice other characters in the movie.

Along with that, Nickelodeon released these images of Arnold and friends at their 25th anniversary panel at Comic Con 2016.

(Source: Nickelodeon via Variety)

Other news about the movie has not been released since then, but the film’s release date is slated to be November 23, 2017.

Jumping back to present day, Nickelodeon still has a grip on the ’90s kids’ anticipation. Earlier this month, a short trailer was put online, signifying the return of another famous franchise from our childhood.

“Invader Zim,” after nearly 10 years of being off the air, is finally returning. Although news on the reboot is still fairly slim, as no release date or premise has been announced, we can assume one thing is certain: the original voice actors of Zim and GIR, Richard Steven Horvitz and Rikki Simons, will be playing their original characters.

Despite all this, Nickelodeon has to work extra hard to keep their fans, as one of Nickelodeon’s long term competitors is proving to be just as successful with ’90s remakes.

That’s right: Jack is back.

Although the show is now being produced through Adult Swim, rather than Cartoon Network, this “Samurai Jack” reboot has proven to be just as successful as the original. After the air date on March 11, the network has continued to slowly release the short series that has all the ’90s kids begging for more. As of right now, the show has aired seven episodes of the 10 they have slated for season five. So far, the show has received positive reviews all around, as well as a 100 percent rating from Rotten Tomato. Some fans speculate that, if the show’s success continues to grow, the series may have a permanent spot on Adult Swim. But, that’s just speculation.

But what do you think? Are you excited for any of these reboots? Who will prevail as the Conqueror of Reboots? Let us know on all our social media platforms, @KCRCollegeRadio.